Foodways in the Middle East and North Africa: A Bibliography. An ongoing list of academic literature, cookbooks, and other research material related to food and foodways in the MENA region. I maintain this bibliography and update it frequently.

Thinking about (and with) food. Electronic resources for thinking about food & foodways.

Arabic resources for students, researchers, & translators. The resources I use while translating written texts from Arabic to English, and my take on their limitations and best uses. 

Survival spoken ArabicI have a theory that when learning a new Arabic dialect, there are about 100 commonly used phrases that can instantly make your life easier. Unfortunately those phrases tend to be the ones that differ the most from region to region. This worksheet (read: work in progress) is a cheat sheet for anyone who wants to speak ʿammiyya (everyday spoken Arabic) in a new place. Currently featuring Moroccan, Levantine, and Egyptian. 

Recipes. I've been blogging recipes from the Middle East, North Africa, and elsewhere since 2011. This page is an alphabetical list of those recipes, which include everything from preserving your own lemons to brewing your own cocktail bitters to recreating a medieval hummus recipe.