in the classroom and beyond: teaching and curriculum development


Eating with Others: Food & Travel in North Africa. a collaborative investigation into how blogging can offer tools to read 19th and 20th century travelogues in new critical ways. (Fall 2017)

Curriculum Development, Intermediate and Advanced Modern Standard Arabic. Center for Contemporary Arab Studies, Georgetown University. Assembled and edited curriculum guide for 2-year Arabic grammar sequence. (Summer 2016)

English and Photography Instructor, LEAP Program, Beirut, Lebanon. Taught 2 English classes and a photography class to Palestinian youth during intensive summer program (Summer 2012). Curated exhibition of student photography (Fall 2012). Served on organization's curriculum development committee, creating lesson plans using song and music to teach a foreign language (2013).

Curriculum Development, Berkley Center for Religion, Peace & World Affairs, Georgetown University. Authored teaching case study of FGC designed for an upper-level undergraduate seminar on gender and development policy. Piloted case study and co-facilitated class discussion. (AY 2011-12)

Peace Corps, Taroudant, Morocco. Designed and led trainings in gender analysis for 40 other volunteers. Part of a team that conducted and analyzed a survey on harassment issues given to 150+ Peace Corps volunteers in Morocco and used its findings to design and implement a new training approach to the issue. (2007-09)